6 Maine farms


28,000 MT/CO2e/year

Equivalent to taking 6,500 cars off the road forever!



130k MMBtu of gas/year


Peaks Renewables (Peaks) is working with six Maine-based, family-owned dairy farms to generate homegrown renewable natural gas. The Peaks facility is located at Flood Brother’s Farm in Clinton, Maine where the company broke ground early May of 2022. Once construction is completed, this facility is anticipated to produce approximately 130,000 MMBtu of natural gas annually by recycling the manure from area dairy farms to generate pipeline-quality renewable natural gas (RNG). The gas will be purchased by Peaks’ affiliate, Summit Natural Gas of Maine. The clean, safe, and renewable gas will be used to warm homes and fuel businesses and industries throughout the state. In addition to the gas that will be used by Summit Natural Gas of Maine, the renewable attributes from the digester will also be sold to third party companies to aid in meeting their goals for emissions reduction. Peaks estimates that the facility will remove 28,000 MT/CO2e annually. That’s the equivalent of taking 6,500 cars off the road forever! In addition to generating pipeline-quality, carbon-negative renewable natural gas, the facility will also produce animal bedding and fertilizer that will be returned to the dairy farms Peak's is working with, to use in their daily operations. This unique, RNG project will be the first of its kind in Maine and one of only a few projects like this in the country.



In addition to generating RNG from dairy manure, Peaks has also received a nearly $5 million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to locate a methanized green hydrogen demonstration project at the Clinton, Maine dairy digester. This demonstration project will use captured carbon from the dairy digester and combine it with green hydrogen to create pipeline-quality methane. Once completed, this project will be the first on-system hydrogen methanization facility of its kind in the country.

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