Peaks About Pic

We believe that working together to reduce the carbon used in our energy system is critical to limiting the impacts of climate change. Peaks is committed to finding, promoting, developing and managing projects that move us all in that direction.

Peaks Renewables is a renewable energy development company specializing in the development of low carbon, carbon-neutral, and carbon-negative fuels like renewable natural gas and green hydrogen. Our goal is to help states, communities, utilities, homeowners, and industries reduce emissions while creating economic growth and providing access to clean, safe, reliable, and affordable energy solutions.

We are a subsidiary of Summit Utilities, Inc., focused on investing in innovative technologies and developing projects that will drive down emissions in the thermal energy sector by utilizing waste to fuel homes, businesses, and industries throughout the United States. Peaks' current focus is green hydrogen and renewable natural gas (RNG) development from agricultural waste, landfills,  food waste, and looking at other technologies that can help us move closer to a low-carbon future. 

As an energy developer, Peaks is committed to building strong relationships with communities and partners that are motivated by the same things that we are working towards. We work with farmers, municipalities, policymakers, industry and community leaders, and technology companies developing cutting-edge ideas for thermal energy. From a project’s conception to completion, we work together to develop solutions that meet emissions goals in new and innovative ways.  

We are proud to be chosen as one of 22 other companies awarded funds in 2021 from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop the nation’s first, on-system biomethane hydrogen pilot at our dairy digester RNG project in Clinton, Maine. This is just one of the ways Peaks Renewables is leading the way in investing in innovative technologies to reduce emissions and decarbonize the thermal energy sector.