Peaks Renewables has built a diverse team of community and environmentally-minded subject matter experts committed to identifying and developing projects that drive down emissions in the thermal energy sector through innovative practices and solutions using  renewable natural gas and green hydrogen.

Angus King

President, Peaks Renewables

Angus King is a cheerleader, idea generator, coach, and sounding board. He serves as the President of Peaks Renewables and is truly passionate about the role that renewable energy and conservation play in contributing to improving and protecting the resources we all share and appreciate. In addition to his role at Peaks Renewables, Angus is a board member of The Nature Conservancy in Maine, enjoys ice hockey, and loves being outdoors with his family. Whether hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, hunting, or fishing, it’s safe to say Angus is a true Maine outdoorsman who is dedicated to keeping Mother Nature protected for future generations to enjoy.

Aidan Renaghan

Director, Renewable Project Development

Aidan Renaghan serves as Peaks Renewables’ Director of Renewable Project Development. His passion for sustainability can be traced back to his continual desire to conquer new challenges and find innovative solutions to ‘unsolvable’ problems. He believes that climate change is the great challenge of his generation, and that decarbonizing thermal energy is the key to achieving carbon reduction at a speed and scale necessary to meet this global challenge. Aidan had a varied career before joining the Peaks team, serving in the Peace Corps in Ukraine, working as a professional chef, and spending time in higher education and international development. Now, his career path is driven toward finding solutions in the renewable energy sector to create a cleaner and brighter future for him and his family.

Skye Austin

Manager, Business Development

Skye Austin believes that we build the blocks to a more sustainable future one choice at a time. Every day, as the Manager of Business Development at Peaks Renewables, Skye works to put those blocks in place. She is dedicated to championing the development of renewable natural gas (RNG) projects to make our current energy usage more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Skye calls it working to “green the grid”. She specializes in accumulating plans for business growth, leading a team of like-minded developers, and overseeing proposals for prospective clients. Residing in Maine, Skye enjoys hiking with her Bernese Mountain Dog, Lulu, all aspects of health and fitness, and is married to her Junior High School crush, Matt, with whom she has two beautiful children.

Katherine Birnie

Senior Manager, H2 Project Development

Katherine Birnie serves as Senior Manager of H2 Project Development for Peaks Renewables. Her role with Peaks works to identify and implement carbon-neutral hydrogen projects that will aid in decarbonization efforts and will allow for enhanced services to customers, communities, and project partners. Motivated by collaboration and learning, Katherine feels fortunate to help devise new energy solutions that our society so heavily depends on. She thrives at the intersection of business and environment and believes the two must mutually reinforce one another to create real value. When Katherine isn’t working on H2 development projects, she’s busy exploring the outdoors by ski, foot, and paddle. She lives in Portland, Maine with her husband and furry, four-legged pooch.

Graham Christy

Manager of Engineering

Graham Christy works as the Senior Manager of Engineering for Peaks. Graham offers unparalleled experience in the renewables field by leading project process development, oversight of in-field installations, and industry and new technology evaluation. With an understanding that people will always need energy, Graham’s skills in determining the technical feasibility and evaluation of renewable natural gas (RNG) and hydrogen projects will aid in discovering more sustainable solutions for future generations. Graham is a loving husband and newly appointed dad, and enjoys cheering on the Colorado Boulder Buffs.

Natalie Seal

Corporate Counsel

Valued, respected, and necessary team member, Natalie Seal serves as Corporate Counsel for Peaks Renewables. Driven by a desire to find outcomes that are positive for all sides, Natalie is best known for her excellent negotiating skills, and providing vital legal strategy and guidance. In addition to her role at Peaks Renewables, Natalie serves on the Board of Directors for Cornell University’s Orleans County Cooperative Extension to support environmental and agricultural education programs and rides horses for fun. Natalie lives in upstate New York near Buffalo with her husband, young son, and dalmatian.

Michael Lawrence

Finance Manager, Renewable Project Development

As Finance Manager at Peaks Renewables, Michael Lawrence plays an integral role in the financial development, design, and implementation of new and existing renewable energy projects. His advanced financial models provide insight and recommendations to stakeholders and leadership for renewable natural gas (RNG), biogas, hydrogen, and power-to-gas projects. A Baltimore native that currently resides in Denver, CO, Michael enjoys camping, fly fishing, paddleball, circuit training, skiing, and hiking. Michael is also a middle-school lacrosse coach, a loving husband, father, and dog-dad.

Ryan Morris

Engineering Project Manager – RNG

Ryan Morris serves as a Engineering Project Manager – RNG for Peaks Renewables as well as Construction Manager for the Clinton Digester Project. His role covers a wide range of responsibilities including conducting feasibility studies, evaluating merger and acquisition investment opportunities, and most currently, developing and leading the digestor construction and build process. Ryan is passionate about contributing to a new, low-carbon future and working to provide sustainable energy solutions across the country and around the globe. Ryan is based in Portland, Maine, and is a native to the area. When he’s not working, he enjoys golf, skiing, spending time with family and friends, and being constantly kept on his toes with his young, rambunctious daughter.

Tim Wade

RNG Plant Manager

Tim Wade is Peaks RNG Plant Manager and is overseeing the construction and operation of new facilities. Tim brings to Peaks a wealth of experience in construction and management of municipal wastewater and drinking water systems. Tim currently serves as the President of Maine Water Environment Association, representing wastewater utilities, engineers and vendors in Maine. He is a past President of Maine Association of Site Evaluators and has served on numerous boards and committees associated with environmental engineering. Tim is an avid outdoorsman and is passionate about projects that ultimately sustain a healthy balance of human and environmental health. He is the proud father of two boys and lives in Oakland, Maine with his girlfriend, where they all enjoy the local lakes, forests, and mountains for outdoor recreating.

Jon Tang-Kong

Business Development Associate

Jon Tang-Kong serves as a Business Development Associate for Peaks Renewables. In his role, Jon works to identify and develop renewable natural gas projects to transform emissions into low-carbon fuels that further the energy transition and power the local economy. Jon’s prior work experience includes management consultation for electric and gas utilities and knowledge in the wind energy field. Jon is from Chelmsford, Massachusetts and graduated from Colgate University. When Jon isn’t working, he’s spending his time rock-climbing and road-tripping across the country. When exploring new destinations across the US, Jon enjoys stopping along the way to read roadside historical plaques. Jon’s aim is to make a difference in the world by working to reduce our carbon footprint and improving the local economy.

Audwin Barnes

Head of Talent Acquisition

Audwin Barnes serves as Head of Talent Acquisition at Peaks Renewables. Audwin oversees the Talent Acquisition Team in sourcing, identifying, and hiring top talent for our rapidly growing organization. He has led high-performing teams within Human Resources for over 30 years and brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion for talent acquisition to Peaks. Audwin is a Chicago native who resides in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. He loves faith, family, basketball, live music, and serving/making a tangible difference in the lives of the underserved and disadvantaged.